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Crafted from rich, warm rosewood beads and interlaced with vibrant gemstones, each necklace in this set showcases 108 beads — a traditional number in Mallah necklaces symbolizing spiritual journey and mindfulness — and are finished with a decorative tassel. This set of 7 necklaces includes; x1 yellow jasper necklace for self confidence, x1 red jasper necklace for grounding, x1 green aventurine necklace for love and gratitude, x1 amethyst necklace for intuition, x1 tiger’s eye necklace for self expression, x1 sodalite necklace for communication, and x1 clear quartz necklace for stress less. A Mallah, or Mala, necklace is a string of beads traditionally used in meditation and prayer in various spiritual practices including Buddhism and Hinduism. Each bead represents a repetition of a mantra or prayer, aiding in focus and spiritual contemplation. To use, simply hold the necklace in one hand and move from bead to bead whilst focusing on mindful breathing and repeating an intention. The necklace can be worn throughout the day as a reminder of these intentions. Each Mallah Necklace is presented in a beautifully designed box, accompanied by a corresponding information card, making it an ideal and thoughtful gift for a loved one seeking to boost their self-assurance and personal power.

Crystal Mallah Beads

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