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The Eclectic Witch

My name is Leah, I'm the director here at EWC. I started my business 2 years ago from my own living room, although now that doesn't even feel possible! I got very bored during the pandemic and decided to start my own business. 

I had already been on my spiritual journey for a long time and had started witchcraft about 9 years ago now, having been a pagan since I was 15 years old. On my own journey of learning about witchcraft, I discovered that it can be a little overwhelming. I wanted to make it all more understandable and accessible for everyone. Wicca changed my life and I wanted to give others the safe space and healing that I myself had discovered. 2 years on I've created a huge community both online and at our physical shop. We never turn our back on anyone, it doesn't matter where you are on your journey, we will support you. We use the name eclectic, so we can cater for everybody, with absolutely no exclusivity!!! 

I started this journey with that one goal. I had no experience in business, I have no qualifications, but what I did have was tonnes of passion and a huge love for crystals that I decided to share. It is my passion and belief that the universe is guiding me. In the first year of EWC I got my first premise and 2 members of staff. Then 1 year on from that we upgraded premises and now have triple the size! It's been such an adventure, it's also been hard but it's worth it. It's never easy to describe how beautiful it is, to go to work every day, knowing you have such a large community that supports you and believes in you. I have learnt strength, bravery and self-belief, because of the kindness of others that I've met on this journey, you all keep on inspiring me every day. I'm truly so grateful t you all and the universe for keeping me going. I hope you enjoy your EWC journey!

It truly is a pleasure sourcing you lovelies new and exciting pieces, crafting new ideas, finding new crystals!! I source from all around the world, bringing the highest quality and such an affordable price. I have such wonderful relationships with both suppliers and customers. 

We are an incredibly ethical company, we research our suppliers, we recycle packaging materials, products are made naturally, the list goes on. We want to make a difference for both humans and the planet!

So this is me! I'm the crazy one here! 

Much Love Leah (the resident Adhd/Gay/Witch)

We welcome you to this incredible community. Whether you're shopping live on Facebook, on our website here, or coming to our physical shop, your experience will be filled with, love and kindness. We go above and beyond to create a beautiful experience for all our customers! 

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