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handmade Blends of witchcraft herbs & flowers in Corked plastic test tubes Labelled with relevant information choose from Love, Protection, prosperity , Lucky , peace & happiness etc each blend is expertly chosen for its roll and can be used in spells, rituals , magick bottles, or to dress spell candles all herbs are non toxic, safe & food grade quality BUT are not intended for human or animal consumption & to be used for entertainment uses only. herb blend ingredients are subject to change . open to custom blend orders .

Please Note that all of our herbs, flowers & herbal blends are sold as Curiosities, intended for magickal, ritual & craft purposes ONLY .

All Witchcraft & spiritual products are sold for entertainment purposes ONLY . Herbs, flowers & herbals blends are NOT intended for human or animal consumption.

Do not eat or inhale .

We cannot guarantee that you will gain the outcome of intention by using any of our herbs, spells or blends . Herbs,

Weight: 0.1 g (0 oz)

• Dimensions: 10 cm (3.9 in)

Spell and Ritual Herbs Test Tube

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